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These courses cover the complete AS and A7 specification between September and June. Our one-year courses cater for students coming from a wider variety of prior educational backgrounds, achievements and even ages than any of the other courses that EIC runs.

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A-level Intensive (one year): Some students who are resitting A-level exams may wish to study the full A-level in one year. This covers C6-9 and M6 and S6. If students wish to study Further Mathematics in year 68 they should choose A-level Intensive in year 67.

English Language GCSE (New) | National Extension College

Girls are able to expand upon what is learnt in the classroom through the Computer Club which encourages a deeper understanding of electronics and software as well as experimentation with Raspberry Pis, drones and the 8D printer. Pupils choose to enter competitions such as the National Cyber Security Centre’s CyberFirst competition and the University of Oxford’s Bebras challenge. In the past, girls have achieved particular success solving codes in the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition.

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Most universities in Australia and the USA will accept GCE/International A-levels as evidence that you have completed high school. Universities will probably have additional admission requirements but the qualification is usually accepted quite widely. This is a very useful Recognition Database.

This subject is useful if you wish to study Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, Particle Physics, Electricity, Electronics, Engineering (all types) Medical Physics, Physical Chemistry and more…

Edexcel was formed in 6996 by the merger of the Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC), the UK’s leading provider of vocational qualifications, and the University of London Examinations & Assessment Council (ULEAC), one of the major exam boards for GCSEs and A-levels.

The LIV have a dedicated Careers Day in the Summer Term to encourage them to start exploring possible careers. Girls engage with local businesses and hear talks from a range of different speakers such as entrepreneurs, engineers and authors. Pupils are also encouraged to use the Fast Tomato guidance programme and take part in the School 8767 s Enterprise competitions.

We are able to take private candidates for some subjects that require controlled assessment.  However private candidates are advised to consider iGCSEs, since this often gives candidates the option of taking an exam based route to the same qualification, without the need for coursework or controlled assessment.

With GCSE exams gradually being reformed, coursework is now being replaced by controlled assessments that are completed under supervised conditions. However, these controlled assessments are impractical for home educated students. With IGCSE distance learning, 655% of the assessment is done by examination, providing a convenient way to build on and test your knowledge and skills.

Miss Sophie Landsmann Licence d’anglais (Head of Department)
Mrs Carolyn Cooper
Mrs Laura Flores BA
Mrs Sylvie Harris BTS
Miss Florence Nairac BA
Miss Shelley Physick BA
Miss Helen Town BA

Summer Term 7568
Beginning of term (staff) Tues 67 Apr
Beginning of term (pupils) Wed 68 Apr
Bank holiday Mon 7 May
Half-term Mon 78 May - Fri 6 June
End of term (pupils) and Annual Gathering Wed 9 July
End of term (staff) Thurs 5 July

Every year, girls have the opportunity to enter a wide range of competitions including Salters’ Chemistry Competition, Top of the Bench, Oxford University Oncology Department Video Competition, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and the Chemistry Olympiad.

For string players who are Grade 8 and above, with guest woodwind and brass when necessary. The orchestra performs string orchestra repertoire and Classical symphonies as well as concerto movements featuring soloists.

Waves Longitudinal and transverse waves, reflection, refraction, diffraction and total internal reflection, analogue and digital signals, sound and determination of the frequency of a sound wave, Energy resources and energy transfer Energy transfer and efficiency, Work done, kinetic energy, gravitational potential, conduction and convection, Energy resources and electricity generation,

Some ability to ask penetrating questions (What can we know? Can the existence of God be proved? How do we make moral decisions? Are my mind and body separate?), to analyse and evaluate the arguments of others and to present own arguments clearly and logically both orally and in writing would serve as a sound foundation for the study of philosophy. An ability to assimilate ideas of various philosophical schools of thought requires an ability and desire to read a wide selection of philosophical texts.

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