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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:27

Moreover, Jews are often accused of conflicting “crimes.” Communists accused them of creating capitalism capitalists accused them of inventing communism. Christians accused Jews of killing Jesus, and acclaimed French historian and philosopher, François Voltaire, of inventing Christianity. Jews have been labeled warmongers and cowards, racists and cosmopolitans, spineless and unbending, and the list could go on forever.

Don’t Believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try - The New

8775 Thinker 8776 : 8775 Provide me actual scientific evidence that mind is spiritual 8776 papagan: Read my previous post in which I made reference to philosophical materialism and scientism. If you did read it before posting the above request, there is nothing more to say!

“Are We Alone in the Universe?” Winston Churchill's Lost

I agree that religious people have the right to be open about their faith in the public square. Note the public square is not the government. You can be a politician and religious, that 8767 s fine, just don 8767 t pass any laws that don 8767 t have a secular justification and that do not favor one religion over another.

Ancient ‘spacefaring aliens’ may have lived in our solar

The virtue of kindness makes humans want to help their fellow humans, especially those in need. A common view is that the best form of kindness is charity. Charity is the sharing of material wealth with the needy. But throughout history the greatest improvements in human well-being have come not from charity but from justice and knowledge. Humanity's surplus of injustice, superstition , and ignorance is a far bigger problem than its deficit of charity.

And if this is not enough, the rapidly spreading [66] BDS movement is working very hard to isolate Israel economically, politically, culturally, and academically. To put it simply, the harder Israel tries to “blend in,” the more ferociously it is pushed away.

You write: 8775 I consider your [theological] beliefs pseudo-science fictions, that should have no place in government or public schools, etc. 8776 Here and elsewhere you attempt to paint faith in God as having nothing to do with sane reason. Rejecting both fideism http:///cathen/ and rationalism, I think faith and reason are complementary, not opposed. In this connection, one might consider the following recorded presentation by Thomas Joseph White, ., 8775 The Careful Rationality of Monotheism. 8776 https:///watch?v=6AHE77SX_hE Thus, in the light of what he says, 8775 igtheism 8776 misses the mark.

There is an objective moral law (the natural law), but this law is not independent of God, who is the eternal law, the source of all other laws. So, God is neither capricious nor is He subordinate to anything other than Himself. God is self-subsisting Goodness, and His actions transcend the natural law He established in His creation.

The sins of the jew are so comprehensive and mind boggling, naturally they have no other choice to stay on the offensive, using their position in banking, media, govt and education to demonize any who dare speak out against them. After all, look at what happened to Jesus 🙂

Liberty is volition in the absence of aggression. Thus justice can also be defined as the most liberty for the most persons. Freedom is significant volition : the power of making significant decisions about an agent's own actions. The freedoms of two persons can be in complete conflict, but their liberties by definition cannot.

Yeah, your simply wrong, and this is further evidence why science is incompatible with religion. You think minds are supernatural and not caused by brains. That flies in the face of all the neuroscience data and will hinder further scientific research, since your answer to the mind is literally supernatural woo-woo. Your assumption that claims about the mind are claims outside of the domain of natural science points to your prior unjustified commitment to supernaturalism and theism.

I 8767 m just recommending social norms, I 8767 m not advocated laws preventing public displays of religion. When your religion effects me, I have the obligation to argue against it.

One may find seeds of truth in Divine Command Theory (DCT) however, the voluntarist aspects of DCT (., William of Ockham) are philosophically problematic. St. Thomas Aquinas rightly rejects such voluntarism. Instead, St. Thomas elaborates a highly nuanced theocentric understanding of the natural moral law inscribed in human nature.

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