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Also claiming veganism is a religion is just as ignorate as your belief we are carnivores. Religion does not harm any other beings on this planet and its not a personal choice like music or colour or asethics. To trivialise this like you have just speak volumes about your ignoranceon the subject.

Western climate change alarmists won’t admit they are wrong

Like anything, there are persuasive arguments, statistics, and 8775 evidence 8776 on both sides. There are health nuts that promote being anti-dairy, and those who praise the benefits of consuming raw milk. Like the health store that has a gluten-free section and a row over sells vital wheat gluten.

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Very interesting article. Thanks for posting. But everyone should know that Seeds of Change is owned by the Mars company,which contributed quite a bit of money to defeat Prop 87, the California ballot measure that would have required the labeling of GMO foods. So in spite of the PR move to win support by giving free seed packets, I will not support Seeds of Change and suggest that others don 8767 t either unless you are fine with GMOs. If you do, any money that you spend with Seeds of Change would very likely go to support similar measures.

Why I'm Not A Vegan | Food Renegade

I poured some of my passion on this subject into my own 8775 Wake up and smell the espresso, babe! 8776 posts on my own website (I am also a food blogger and writer):

I was a vegan for a few years, did the math, ate the nutrients I needed, then got sick, lost 6/8rd of my body weight (went from 655lbs down to 66, it was horrible). Then I started bleeding from my eyes and ears and mouth and nose. My hair started to fall out, got this weird ascending neuropathy, then passed out and didn 8767 t wake up for three days. Turns out I nearly killed myself being a vegan. So yeah, you 8767 re right, some people just can 8767 t thrive on the diet. I 8767 m proof of that.

Much the same way you accuse vegans of clinging to dogma in spite of 8775 reality 8776 lapsed vegans are going to cling to any dogma they can find to justify and reassure themselves that going back on the ethics and morals they once ostensibly adhered to (Tasha, for example, was one of the most vocal and vehement vegans online for quite a while). A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

It’s an unintuitive position to take. People have tried to reason with me that because I’ve spent so much money and time developing my brain, and the cost of an injury would be so devastating, it’s clearly more important to wear a helmet. But if we start looking into the research, there’s a strong argument to be made that wearing a bike helmet may actually increase your risk of injury, and increase the risk of injury of all the cyclists around you.

Touring in Africa is more expensive than in other parts of the developing world. A lot of food items are imported and accommodation can be very costly in countries that have little tourist infrastructure and therefore little competition.

As far as I can tell comments like Ashton 8767 s don 8767 t do much other than foster a sense of superiority, among a group of self-selected people. More importantly (and unfortunately) this behavior damages the positive message vegans are trying to communicate with the broader community.

I will just point out that you have again shirked responsibility for the violence that you perpetrate, killing an animal or paying someone else to kill it, by passing it off to something like your god 8767 s will or master plan. This is a perfectly valid morality, if that is what you believe. White people used the same rationality to perpetrate violence against black people in this country for centuries. Men used the same rationality to perpetrate violence against women for most of recorded history, and still do in many places around the world. It is perfectly consistent with that line of thinking to kill with gratitude, as you stated, and perhaps that long tradition in American thinking, of accepting death and embracing violence, should be respected.

Suzana, I 8767 m glad veganism has worked for you, but I wouldn 8767 t be so quick to assume your food choices have made you healthier. My 97 year old grandma can do the same things and eats plenty of meat.

For me, perhaps future studies will show that wearing a helmet actually reduces the chance of injury, or that vehicles will start giving helmeted cyclists more leeway, or that seeing helmeted riders does not discourage others from hopping onto a bike.

Meanwhile the proof is pretty strong that vehicles give me more space when I'm biking without a helmet. In a city biking, that's the kind of injury I'm most concerned about. And I want to encourage more people to get on their bicycles, because the more cyclists are out on the road, the safer I'll be.

Men are also aware of the legacy of decades of legal decisions favouring mothers in custody battles. They've witnessed the public agony of men denied a proper role in their children's lives. Singer-activist Sir Bob Geldof - in an essay in Andrew Bainham's book  Children and Their Families  - wrote about being offered ''access'' to his children: ''A huge emptiness would well in my stomach, a deep loathing for those who would deign to tell me that they would ALLOW ACCESS to my children - those I loved above all, those I created, those who give meaning to everything I did, those that were the very best of us two and the absolute physical manifestation of our once binding love.

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