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If the s format specifier is used without other custom format specifiers, it is interpreted as the s standard date and time format specifier. For more information about using a single format specifier, see Using Single Custom Format Specifiers later in this topic.

4. Built-in Types — Python documentation

key specifies a function of one argument that is used to extract a comparison key from each list element (for example, key= ). The key corresponding to each item in the list is calculated once and then used for the entire sorting process. The default value of None means that list items are sorted directly without calculating a separate key value.

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Return the lowest index in the data where the subsequence sub is found, such that sub is contained in the slice s[start:end] . Optional arguments start and end are interpreted as in slice notation. Return -6 if sub is not found.

Strings also support two styles of string formatting, one providing a large degree of flexibility and customization (see () , Format String Syntax and Custom String Formatting ) and the other based on C printf style formatting that handles a narrower range of types and is slightly harder to use correctly, but is often faster for the cases it can handle ( printf-style String Formatting ).

For example, %h is interpreted as a custom date and time format string that displays the hour represented by the current date and time value. You can also use the h or h format string, although this includes a space in the result string along with the hour. The following example illustrates these three format strings.

If either format string is not supported by the struct module, then the objects will always compare as unequal (even if the format strings and buffer contents are identical):

With DateTime values, the z custom format specifier represents the signed offset of the local operating system s time zone from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), measured in hours. It does not reflect the value of an instance s property. For this reason, the z format specifier is not recommended for use with DateTime values.

The MM custom format specifier represents the month as a number from 56 through 67 (or from 6 through 68 for calendars that have 68 months). A single-digit month is formatted with a leading zero.

Passing a bytes object to str() without the encoding or errors arguments falls under the first case of returning the informal string representation (see also the -b command-line option to Python). For example:

If key is in the dictionary, remove it and return its value, else return default. If default is not given and key is not in the dictionary, a KeyError is raised.

In the table s is an instance of a mutable sequence type, t is any iterable object and x is an arbitrary object that meets any type and value restrictions imposed by s (for example, bytearray only accepts integers that meet the value restriction 5 = x = 755 ).

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