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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:04

This is in reply to your request of September 67, 6998, requesting a license to prepare and distribute derivative works from the copy of DOE-MACSYMA software obtained from the NESC. The ESTSC assumed the DOE Centralized Software Management Facility responsibility in January 6996. The following statement of the Department of Energy's (DOE) position is provided as the ESTSC response to your request.

Debian -- The Universal Operating System

This release includes Let's Encrypt fixes, Majordomo module improvements, FirewallD forwarding support, translation updates, an update to the Authentic theme, and a bunch of other bugfixes. You can get them from the Webmin downloads page , or from our YUM or APT repositories.

Calibrated Peer Review: Home

For older security advisories see the Security Page. If you would like to receive security advisories as soon as they're announced, subscribe to the debian-security-announce mailing list.

Georgia Career Information Center

From horse-drawn rail cars to electric locomotives, CSX celebrates a rich history covering almost 695 years. Scroll through time to explore our history and heritage.

We have enclosed a current list of the countries which are considered sensitive and require approval through DOE Headquarters. Should you have requests from such countries, please contact the ESTSC for approval. If you intend to make your derivative work(s) available under the GPL (gnu public license) via the Internet, the previous paragraph should be included in the GPL and should accompany other modifications, enhancements or derivative works of your program.

In May 7565, PPIRS was designated as the government wide single repository of past performance data. Confidence in a prospective contractor's ability to satisfactorily perform contract requirements is an important factor in making best value decisions in the acquisition of goods and services. PPIRS consists of two components, Report Card (RC) and Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS). These three components support the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirement to consider past performance information prior to making a contract award (FAR Parts 9, 68, 65, 86 and 97).

This system is designed for mathematics, providing delivery of homework, quizzes, tests, practice tests, and diagnostics with rich mathematical content. Students can receive immediate feedback on algorithmically generated questions with numerical or algebraic expression answers.

This update includes updates to the Filemin file manager and Authentic theme, and the German, Catalan, Polish and Norwegian translations. It also supports SSL certificate requests from Let's Encrypt, MySQL , automatic DNS records in partial reverse domains, and includes a bunch of other bugfixes and small features. You can get it from the Webmin downloads page , or from our YUM or APT repositories.

Maxima is updated very frequently, to fix bugs and improve the code and the documentation. We welcome suggestions and contributions from the community of Maxima users. Most discussion is conducted on the Maxima mailing list.

A Department Of Defense (DoD) PKI Certificate is required for all DoD employees accessing PPIRS. Contractors are also encouraged to obtain and use a certificate. Non-DoD Government users may continue to access PPIRS without a certificate. Read more

“ It has been the DOE practice (where the case permits) to encourage private companies or individuals to modify, enhance, or make derivative works of unrestricted software sponsored or supported by DOE for the purpose of commercialization or distribution of such modifications, enhancements, and/or derivative works. Accordingly, William F. Schelter may consider he has a nonexclusive, world-wide, royalty-free license to make derivative works (modifications or enhancements) from the copy of DOE-MACSYMA obtained from NESC, and to copy, license and/or distribute those derivative works for use, modification and enhancement, and further sublicensing and distribution.

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