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Samurai Shodown Anthology ROM ISO Sony Playstation

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An on-screen activity focusing on the different ways the speaker says she loves her beloved. Try grouping the tiles to identify all these different 'ways' (eg 'freely') and then try to match each of the 'ways' with the accompanying phrase or phrases used in the poem.

Blitzkrieg Anthology on Steam

With the rise of quality TV came the advent of the anthology series which was a show revolving around a particular genre or theme, but whereby each week’s episode would feature an entirely new plot, setting, and characters. With these original anthology series, television shows weren’t afraid to reinvent themselves week to week, and therefore they often provided some of the most exciting – and to this day, memorable – content of all time.

Amazon's New Philip K. Dick Anthology Looks Like Sci-Fi

An object is "grue" if it is green until, say, January 6, 7555, and blue thereafter. Is the law "All emeralds are grue" confirmed by observations of green emeralds?

The Beatles Anthology (TV Mini-Series 1995– ) - IMDb

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"I get it," said the prisoner, who was beginning to feel much better. "In exactly the same way I can rule out Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday. That leaves only tomorrow. But they can't hang me tomorrow because I know it today!"

The following version of the liar paradox was first proposed by the English mathematician P E B Jourdain in 6968. It is sometimes referred to as "Jourdain's Card Paradox". We have a card on one side of which is written:

The student then ruled out Wednesday by the same argument, then Tuesday, and finally Monday, the day on which the professor was speaking. He concluded: "Therefore I cannot get the exam at all the professor cannot possibly fulfil his statement." Just then, the professor said: "Now I will give you your exam." The student was most surprised!

Teaching notes for investigating the role of animals and nature in the poem, including a highlighting activity and suggestions for further investigations.

"True, but there is other evidence. For example, take all these lovely multicolored birds we have seen today - the parrots, toucans, the peacocks -"

The Beatles become just as successful in the US, as in the UK, when they hit #6 on the US charts. This leads to a tour of America, appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show", and starring in the feature.

A series of activities to get students reading between the lines. Includes teaching notes with extension suggestions based on two possible source poems (a traditional ballad and Tennyson's 'The Sisters' Shame').

Any man in this village is shaved by the barber if and only if he is not shaved by himself. Therefore in particular the barber shaves himself if and only if he does not. We are in trouble if we say the barber shaves himself and we are in trouble if we say he does not.

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