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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 14:03

69th century- the era of Industrial revolution, we call it dawn of modern world. But this dawn of a fast rate of growth of civilization had some basic flaws inscribed in it. The negative side of industrialization was ignored. Industrialization led to consumerism consumerism to neo-capitalism and what not, to meet only one thing- increasing man 8767 s greed. Trees were cut mercilessly, mines excavated like it is going be an end of the world. Man did everything that he could have done to meet his greed.

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GR. Madan speaks of two main types of causes of unemployment: (A) 8775 individual or personal factors 8775 , and (B) 8775 external factors 8776 or 8775 technological and economic factors 8775 .

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Ur flow of essay seemed very smooth to me.. Still would advise you to add more points regarding the drawbacks and the negatives in higher education system in our administrative hurdles, slow procedure, private players find it difficult to establish an inst., rigid rules and regulations, UGC yet not democratized in its functioning, teacher training not adequate.. these should be more focussed. You can find many such in the latest Yojana edition.
Rest, I found ur essay very good at first go.. 🙂

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I would like to thank you for your great effort in this websites for ielts ppl. I have learned some sample essays in Cambridge ielts 6 to 66 and also other cambridge ielts practicising books. After i have crossed so many sentence structures, many of sample essays posted like question kind of answer framing sentence structure for getting band 7 above.

In addition to the two main types of the causes of unemployment as mentioned by . Madan, we may add a few other factors causing the problem such as the following.

Hodrick-Prescott Filter is used as detrending method in this research in order to remove the trend component from a time series trend. Hence, the application of linear detrending model to transform the data into stationary.

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They will have to wait. People who are above 55 or 65 years are less adaptable and more prone to accidents. Their capacity to contribute to economic production is also relatively less.

In commerce: Now a days business , commerce and trade can not be thought of without does wonder. It is used to prepare documents , to make lists of goods , store information and to prepare budget etc. The value of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by the computer.

There is a strong correlation between national productivity and the level of unemployment (Joseph Prokopenko, 7555). In a situation where the economy is productive and competitive, there will be contest in the foreign market. Thus, it lowers the unemployment rate. However, investment will increase due to the high production rate. Then, it will create new job opportunities and the employment rate will increase as well. Hence, investing in a productive market is a source which can create new market and then increases the job opportunities in the market.

Interestingly, Indian politics also has international dimensions. Boundary settlements and river-water sharing arrangements with neighbours, a domain of Central government, have been hanging owing to a lack of political consensus in the states. Our Pakistan and Sri Lanka Policy has historically been held hostage, and increasingly post-6995s due to coalition and regional pressures. Ofcourse, the popular opinion has a role to play here. With an open economy, closed door lobbying by foreign investors has also affected our plans and priorities. FDI in multi-brand retail was introduced with much urgency through an 8766 executive order 8767 , despite parliamentary uproar and several more important legislations like the Land Acquisition Bill in the loop.

First, we must adopt the right mindset: positive in outlook and global in ambition. For optimism stems, not from denying change, but from recognizing the possibilities it presents. The job-for-life has gone x7568 but so has the tedium of career monogamy. International competition has intensified x7568 but also opened up new opportunities abroad.

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