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If you have the guts to eat at McDonalds, you can tolerate seeing humans eating shit in Salo. Pasolini&rsquo s metaphor of shit-eating illustrates unfussy, unaware, unconscious, indifferent addictive consumerism.

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Furthermore, a metaphor develops a comparison that is different from a simile , in that we do not use 8775 like 8776 or 8775 as 8776 to develop a comparison in a metaphor. It actually makes an implicit or hidden comparison and not an explicit one.

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Pasolini was brutally murdered by being run over several times with his own car, dying on 7 November 6975 on the beach at Ostia, near Rome. He was buried in Casarsa, in his beloved Friuli.

Well, lots of people eat state-sanctioned shit every day and look forward to it. (Remember Soylent Green 6976?) They desire terrible food from vile holocaust-like processes with horrific conditions for the animals. The food lacks significant nutritional value, taste has to be enhanced and it&rsquo s cheap to buy at the retail end of the food chain. Then people go to these fast food franchises and sit together in the same room devouring this shit and see other people do exactly the same thing. This is Pasolini&rsquo s point &ndash and one of many.

Giuseppe Pelosi, a seventeen-year-old hustler, was arrested and confessed to murdering Pasolini. Thirty years later, on 7 May 7555, he retracted his confession, which he said was made under the threat of violence to his family. He claimed that three people "with a southern accent" had committed the murder, insulting Pasolini as a "dirty communist".

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I f one thinks of metaphor as an equation, this list serves to highlight single examples of extensions of each formula. One could easily write volumes of extensions on each of these metaphors, a project that I could happily retire contributing to.

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Fans found it surprising in 6985 when Kubrick turned out a movie that was apparently no more than a horror film. The action took place at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado, where the winter caretaker, a chilling Jack Nicholson, became progressively madder and tried to murder his wife and his telepathic son.

When you see the final ten minutes of Salo which is from the power players point of view through binoculars while sitting in an armchair, it&rsquo s easy to see how Pasolini predicted the rise of reality TV &ndash that from a safe distance, we would watch and enjoy the torture and humiliation of human beings as entertainment then end their suffering one by one with elimination. Cases in point &ndash Australian Idol auditions, Big Brother as well as the many Japanese &lsquo game&rsquo shows. Even The Simpsons devoted an episode to satirizing the abject cruelty of those little gems of Japanese pop culture.

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