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Tuesday Tips: NYU Stern Fall 2017 MBA Essay Tips | Stacy

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 14:03

Please describe yourself to your MBA classmates. You may use almost any method to convey your message (. words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative. One point to make: Essay 6 should not be broken out into three separate essays. In 7568 they had the three questions marked 8775 a) 8776 , 8775 b) 8776 and 8775 c) 8776 which implied that they wanted the answers separated. They don 8767 t. Write Essay 6 as one essay. The Stern SnarkStrategies Guide digs into how to do it.
[end Stern 7568 questions]

2017-18 MBA Essays - NYU Stern

This question is somewhat similar to last year 8767 s Essay 6 in that they both focused on professional aspirations, but NYU is putting your writing on a diet sort of. The question is now 555 words, not 755, and no longer asks 8775 Why now. 8776

Nyu Stern Part Time Mba Essay

The personal expression essay offers you the opportunity to present yourself creatively, but also requires you to apply structure to a completely open-ended question. It’s a great test for a life solving business problems after your MBA.

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NYU Stern’s two essay questions provide the perfect combination of instruction and freedom for MBA applicants to illustrate their fit with the program, and have some fun. Isn’t this what business school should be about?

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And even more innovation: You can apply to ANY of the flavors of MBA at NYU Stern SIMULTANEOUSLY. They took the practice that Stanford recently implemented where you can do a joint app to both the GSB MBA and their MSx program, and went even bigger with it. For NYU, you should pick the program that you 8767 re most interested in and apply by that program 8767 s deadline. In your app, you 8767 ll be able to select any of the other programs that they offer as alternate interests. This makes total sense! It 8767 s more like how the Wharton Lauder application or the MIT LGO application works: If the Stern adcom decide that you 8767 re not the best fit to your first choice program, they 8767 ll still consider your application for your alternates.

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All but NYU’s signature third question (Personal expression) have changed at least slightly this year. However, even with the new questions, Stern is continuing down its independent path. It is not shrinking the number of essay questions, and it not asking the increasingly common experiential questions. (Tell us about a time when…)

Ideally, Why Now and Goals should work in tandem to illustrate a clearly defined path that leads to a realistic (and noble) career goal pretty much standard fare as long as you’re mindful to connect your past and present with NYU Stern’s offerings. The WHY STERN prompt is the deal maker, or breaker. NYU Stern is well aware of how they are perceived by MBA candidates among New York’s top MBA programs: so don’t fall into the trap of writing exclusively about what “New York City” has to offer or, copy and paste your Columbia essay.

Essay 7 Option B is a self-explanatory prompt for a self-explanatory essay of 555 words. If you want to get creative make sure it’s not the same video or app you submitted to MIT.

You can start your essay with the goal and then give reasons for it as well as how an MBA will help you achieve it. Alternatively, you can start with a past event or achievement and describe how it influenced the development of your aspiration. Then discuss how an MBA will help you realize your goal or perhaps how this or another event showed you that you lack the skills to achieve it. 

NYU Stern offers a portfolio of MBA programs designed to meet the needs of our applicants. Your program preferences are very important as you will be admitted to only one program. You cannot switch your program option after receiving your admissions decision.

Stern doesn 8767 t keep track of how many applicants are using video to apply to the school. But Gallogly says the use of video is definitely on the rise. 8775 There is a significant number of them and they are on the rise, 8776 he says. 8775 It 8767 s pretty easy these days for people to make videos. We have always gotten question about it and the production values we expect. But everyone isn 8767 t going on to become an entertainment person so it really doesn 8767 t matter if the product values are lower. 8776

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